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Medical, Vocational, & Life Care / Future Cost Assessments

Rehabilitation Profiling & Dormant File kick starts

Utilizing File Analysis and Rehabilitation Baseline tools, previously rehabilitation-dormant files may be brought back into the rehabilitation process through the identification of the primary rehabilitation barriers, primary patient coping issues, and functional shortfalls. Ongoing rehabilitation profiling is then accomplished through serial ROMS outcome measurements in the same manner as described above in the Complex Case Integrated Intervention paragraph.

• Future Cost of Care and Life Care Planning

Traditional Future Cost of Care assessments aim to identify and cost out patient’s life long needs, but RIHM's experienced and certified Canadian life care planners are distinguished from other companies by way of a meticulous inclusion of ROMS. Our occupational therapy In-Home Assessment with ROMS outcome measurement based rehabilitation profiling, graphically depicts residual physical, cognitive and emotional impairments and objective ADL functional shortfalls. A fusion of expert professionals with effective protocol leads to evidence-based findings and clinically justified reasoning that strengthens the defensibility of our Future Cost of Care reports.

• Attendant Care Needs Assessment (Form 1)

• Multi-day Situational Work Assessments (MSWA)/ Comprehensive Employability Assessment

• Cognitive-Psychological Physical Job Demands Analysis (CP-JDA)

• Cognitive-Psychological Functional Ability Evaluation (CP-FAE)

• Physical Job Demands Analysis

• Functional Ability Evaluation (with specialty medical assessments)

• Specialty Medical Assessments for Medical Legal Reports

Includes psychiatry, orthopedic, dental surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, physiatry, rheumatology, ophthalmology, and enterology (ENT) assessments.

• Ergonomic and work adaptive device assessments

• Labor market surveys

• Psychovocational Assessments

• Neurovocational Assessments

• Neuropsychological DSM Diagnostic Assessment

• Psychological DSM Diagnostic Assessments







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